Sugarpill’s Cold Chemistry

After months waiting, finally the new Sugarpill palette Cold Chemistry, a collab with Amelia Arsenic, was released on August 17th!

I got it a few days ago but I’ve been taking the pictures today. I really like this palette. My fave colours for the eyes are purple and green, basically in every shade. I use white often on the inner corner and black is a colour I’m not using, but I want to start using. I think Cold Chemistry eyeshadows are easy to apply and very pigmented.

The packaging is so cool. It’s my favourite from Sugarpill, I love the colours and the design.


pack 2


The colours are swatched over NYX Eyeshadow base in White



Here the colours are swatched over Meow Cosmetics primer on the upper part and over bare skin on the lower part. swatch3

And I also took some swatches on the eyes. My super talented friend Cecilie from GlitterGirlC did this with some Makeup Geek colours and I think its a great idea! For all this eye swatches I used Meow Cosmetics primer and Chanel Sublime mascara waterproof (how come I didn’t know this was waterproof until now that I look at the bottom label to see the whole name of the mascara!!! )

Diamond Eyes and Soot & Stars



Elemental Chaos and Subterranean



I will be using this palette very often. Next time I will be posting pictures of Elektrocute collection which are my favourite loose pigments from Sugarpill!

If you want to get Cold Chemistry you can purchase it online at Sugarpill’s website! (affiliate link)

Thanks for reading!

Spring EOTD Collab with GlittergirlC using Meow Cosmetics!

This is my second collab with GlitterGirlC. I love to do collabs with her and we found out that we think alike many times when choosing the eyeshadows! and this time I was about to use very very similar colours for the look, but right before I started I changed my mind! Our first look together was Fantasy inspired and now it’s time for Spring theme! We both used Meow Cosmetics, which is one of my fave brands. I use Meow on a daily basis, because they also have a big range of other high quality mineral products.For this look I was inspired by some levander spring flowers I see everyday but I really don’t know their name!

This is the list of products I used:

Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy as a primer

Carny (Meow Collection Summer Carnival)

Side Show (Meow Collection Summer Carnival)

Oddity (Meow Collection Summer Carnival)

Poison Dart Frog  (Meow Collection Lost Rainforest)

Sephora Black liquid eyeliner

Chanel Sublime Mascara Deep Black

Sugarpill Shady Lane false eyelashes

Lime Crime Uniliner Blue Milk

Aromaleight white glitter (not sure if it’s still available)

All the Meow colours I used are from Seasonal collections, so they’re not available right now, but I purchased them last summer so hopefully they will come back soon :D


This is the amazing look Cecilie from GlitterGirlC has created! She’s so talented!! I love her creativity and the incredible skills she has for creating perfect shapes and blending! She also makes video tutorials (scroll down for the link)! Be sure to check her Facebook page too cause she has so many stunning and inspiring makeup creations!


More pics!




Hope you enjoy the looks :)

Fantasy makeup look collaboration

It’s been a while since I last posted here! but today I have a collaboration look with my amazingly talented friend Gecilie aka GlitterGirlC 

You can see her post here ! with a video tutorial of the look! I really love to see how she creates the perfect and really creative shapes of her looks!

There were just 2 rules:

1. Using Sugarpill and Inglot eyeshadows

2. Fantasy inspired look

And it turned out that we both had similar ideas creating it! I really love how we thought alike and we didn’t talked about any ideas or colours.

For my look I used Sugarpill Poison Plum and Tako. From Inglot I used purple 379  . The rhinestones are from Swarovski and the eyelashes from Claire’s

fantasy purple

And this is her incredible look! I love the glitter, it reminds me of a path to the stars made of magic dust! Be sure to check her blog to see what products she used! (if you click on the pictures below you will go to her blog)




You can find this and more pictures of other looks in our facebook pages


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Latest Sugarpill looks

I’ve been doing some eotd recently using my number 1 fave brand,  Sugarpill Cosmetics. I’ve uploaded them to my Facebook page but not to the blog, So here they are all together!

Products: Sugarpill Bulletproof and Tako / Ebay falsies / NYX Jumbo pencil Milk


Products: Sugarpill limited edition @#%! / Meow Cosmetics Telepathy / Sephora Black liquid liner / Lime Crime’s primer


Products: Sugarpill Asylum, Stella, Tako and Bulletproof / Sephora Black liquid eyeliner / Ebay falsies / Lime Crime’s primer


Products: Sugarpill Acidberry, Tako, Midori and Secret false lashes / Lime Crime’s primer / NYX Jumbo pencil Milk / Sephora Black liquid eyelinerSin título-2

Products: Sugarpill Royal Sugar, Tiara and Angel Baby lashes /

This look is inspired by my amazingly talented friend GlitterGirlC


There are more pictures of the looks in my Facebook page :)

All the eyeshadows are available at Sugarpill’s website except @#$%! which is a limited edition that was only available for 3 days at their online store (it was initially sold only at IMATS this summer). But stay tuned to Sugarpill’s Facebook page, they may do another special event and sell it again on their website (I have absolutely no idea, but they did it once! maybe it can happen twice…)

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Pinkyanela high quality & authentic Japanese deco shop BLACK FRIDAY

My awesome friend Pinkyanela is having an amazing sale for Black Friday!! She’s amazingly talented and creates the most amazing Japanese deco stuff!

This is Black Friday sale! (Click on the image to shop!)


Here are some examples of her outstanding work!

Sugarpill @#$%!

Some weeks ago Sugarpill offered for 3 days their limited edition eyeshadow @#$%! in their website. I was looking for that moment since they showed it on IMATS this summer! I really love it and I prefer it over Love+ because the glitter it has.

Also is more pinkish than Love+ and I’m more fan of pink than red. The quality is amazing, it applys and blends so easily. I hope they have it again available so more people can have it!

First, this is a picture of the whole order. I haven’t used the eyelashes yet but they look amazing!

The pillkitty is so cute! They have to do more pillkitty stuff in the future! I also got a card featuring Amelia Arsenic and the new palette Cold Chemistry which is a collab between her and Sugarpill. Sugarpill has announced this week that it will be released in December and I can’t wait to order it. The colours look awesome and the packaging rocks so much!

Here is a detail of @#$%! ‘s packaging. It’s extremely amazing! My fave Sugarpill packaging. The texture of the box is also so soft and nice! The inside of the box is also printed now! (but I didn’t take a pic of it now that I think…)

You can see the light effect on the little hearts.

This is a close up of the eyeshadow. It’s really sparkly as you can see!

And this is Love+

Here are the 2 eyeshadows swatched together. I think I will be using @#$%! very often! I’m very happy with my purchase :)

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Eyeshadows have been swatched over Lime Crime primer